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Link Building Overview
Effective link building brings you higher search engine rankings
Link building is the cornerstone of your online success What is link building really? Link building can be likened to a kind of online word-of-mouth. It involves links pointing at your site from other relevant sites. If you come across a link to another website from a site you know and trust, you will be inclined to follow the link. It's almost like a friend recommending somebody to you. Links are of two types- reciprocal links and inbound links.
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How to get an effective link building program in place for your website.
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A successful linking strategy can bring you higher search engine ranking
We believe in creating a successful linking strategy that can bring you targeted traffic and qualified prospects. A successful linking strategy also enhances your professional reputation, raises your Page Rank and propels you to higher search engine rankings. Link building is economical, it can give you an online competitive edge over your competitors without having to spend serious marketing money. Having a successful linking strategy in place means you can provide valuable information to your users, since your users are directed towards relevant information-rich sites.

Why is link building important?
Link building is one of the crucial off-page factors that search engines like Google consider while determining the relevancy of a website and to decide its ranking. Unethical search engine optimization practices (spamming) like 'keyword stuffing', use of invisible text etc. had become a problem for search engines while returning relevant results. In an algorithm shift, search engines decided that the links pointing to a website would also be considered relevant for SERP ranking purposes, apart from the website's optimized content. Today, the Page Rank of your website and relevancy of incoming links are important factors in the ranking of your website. Major search engines, including Google, MSN, Yahoo and AltaVista etc. use off-page factors like Link Popularity to decide rankings for your site.

What are Link Popularity and Page Rank?
Link Popularity is the actual number of links pointing to your website. Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google to determine how relevant a web page is to a user. It takes into consideration inbound links, content and the quality of the sites linking to your page from external online sources.
How do search engines decide the 'relevancy' of a link?
Search engines usually take into account several factors like PageRank of the link page, relevance of the linking page to your industry, appearance of keywords in anchor text and total outgoing links on the linking webpage. The lesser the outgoing links, the better it is.

Why you need our link building services
There are hundreds of link building services online, some of which are highly dubious. Many of these providers will claim to get you thousands of links, the bulk of which will be sourced through link farms and FFA (Free For all pages). Some search engines frown on such link building as a form of spamming and penalize these practices. Also, with search engines, the quality of the links pointing to your site matters more than the quantity. 3-4 extremely relevant links would be more useful than 20 irrelevant links of sites that have nothing to do with your business. Our link building services are ethical, above board and search engine friendly. We research and analyze your business and industry thoroughly before making any linking recommendations.

Relevant links only
Our link building services aim to get you the most relevant links for your website after studying your business and its objectives. We scrutinize hundreds of websites, directories, blogs, newsletters and e-zines that have the potential to link to your site and bring targeted traffic. With our wide ranging experience and link building skills we source suitable linking partners, build a connection with them and convert your website to a highly profitable sales medium.

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