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Business Application Development - E-Commerce Applications Development, Ecommerce Application Package, Application Software Development

Increase business efficiencies and profits

Do you need a special technology or application to make your business more profitable?
Our application development and integration services are geared to aid clients achieve their business goals, increase business efficiencies and gain a competitive edge over competitors.

We develop a variety of applications
What is it you need to make a qualitative difference in your business performance? Whether you need a performance tracking system, Intranet reporting, custom built e-com site or a report generation system, we can give you all this and more. Any application that can automate one or more of your business processes will be a major productivity booster for your organization. We plan, design, build, test and implement applications following strict quality standards and integrate them into your business processes and system environments seamlessly.

Qualified software professionals and strict application development processes
Each of the phases in application development and integration follow defined phases.
We adhere to strict guidelines and the latest technologies to create unique applications. Our software developers work intelligently and methodically to integrate a wide knowledge of software and web technologies to create business applications that save you major effort and money.

Rigorous quality testing at each level
Each of our applications undergoes rigorous testing for quality before it is deemed ready for delivery. Each and every functionality is thoroughly tested at each stage of development. We aim at producing quality applications and products that can put you and your business streets ahead of the competition. When we architect and develop our applications, we take care of certain things:

Features of our Application Development and Integration Services
  • Rigorously tested cost effective solutions.
  • Our applications are capable of making information available on any device at any time.
    to your customer base taking Internet marketing to a new level.
  • Identification of potential risks and limiting them in intelligent ways.
  • Creating robust, extensible solutions that are cost-effective.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of software requirements and ‘ot of the box’ innovative
    product architecture.
  • Products that are flexible enough to meet current business needs and to keep pace with
    changing business dynamics.
  • Secure, reliable and scalable solutions that incorporate industry ‘Best Practices’.
  • Integration of solutions with existing systems creating a comprehensive complete solution that fulfils all business needs.
  • Expert CMM compliant project management and software development methodology.

Types of Application development
  • E-Commerce applications and virtual stores.
  • Database Integration of solutions.
  • Specialized Portal applications.
  • Password protection, Image Protection, Digital Rights Management.
  • Co-branding systems.
  • Comprehensive Site Search & Reports.
  • Content management tools and systems.
  • Payment & Billing systems.
  • On-line subscription, on-line publishing systems.
  • Inventory management applications.
  • Executive Information Systems.
  • Marketing Management and Reporting systems.
  • Custom built customer service applications.
  • Threaded message board, bulletin board.
  • Job sites and job boards.
  • Subscription Management.
  • Online Surveys and Polls.
  • XML Web-enablement of legacy applications.
  • Component-Based Development: Thick /thin client, N-tier C/S, Web, SEI CMMI Level 5,
    Rational Unified Process (RUP), H@F.
  • Enterprise Application Integration: Bridge/connector development, legacy-ERP
    connections, EAI platform development.
  • Package Implementation: Evaluation of need, identification of package, gap analysis,
    package customization, package rollout.
  • Offshore development model for your development needs. We give you a dedicated
     team of developers as an extension of your development lab.
  • Web Enabling: Web-enabling of existing/legacy applications, multichannel application
  • Corporate Internet presence, Intranet and Extranet.

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