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Database Design and Development
Databases are the foundation of great online success

Efficiently designed databases are the mainstay of application driven websites and web applications.
A weak database design will lower application performance, increase working expenses and confuse technology decisions.

Database development and design: why you need them
In today’s world a corporate entity has to collate, store and sort out large amounts of data. This process can be completely automated with database systems saving hours of effort and time. Databases help manage huge volumes of information efficiently. A well designed database can consolidate all your business information. It provides you the means of maintaining data and using it to maximum potential. To do this a database has to be user friendly and designed with a high degree of intelligence.

Our database systems
We specialize in implementing and developing database systems for small and medium businesses. We specialize in Microsoft Access and SQL. Our proven expertise in these areas allows us to kickstart development and reduces the implementation time. While designing a database, we first gather the requirements of your business, keeping in mind how the data will be used by your company. Our aim is to create a user friendly, efficient and cost effective system that employees can use to manage, store and retrieve data with the utmost ease.

Databases of all sizes
Businesses have a host of varied needs. Data needs be served on a daily basis sometimes, on a monthly basis in the case of monthly invoicing or some other specified period as in the case of management information and reporting. The database system we design will meet your particular objectives and expectations enabling you to save on costs and maximize efficiency.

Proven Methodology
We use a well documented path to create an effective database design for you. We identify your organizational requirements, meet with you to review and develop specifications for the database and only then start the development process. This reduces chances of errors and rework, thus paving the way for a database system that will perform efficiently year upon year. Our database systems are robust, scalable, secure and completely reliable. We use enterprise and professional level, multi-user technologies like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Database driven websites
We can provide you database deployed websites that can be easily updated and will allow your customers to shop and make purchases online, search and browse catalogs, research data, and receive personalized information.

Database powered websites make life a lot easier:
  • A database integrated site can search its database for information and mail fresh information to interested customers.
  • Alerts can be sent to customers to notify them about new products.
  • Web generated leads can be forwarded to sales representatives and distributors.
  • Subscription information can be tracked and managed.
  • Dynamic web pages can be created by creating web templates and storing relevant data in the database. Changing and updating content becomes faster since you just need to update the information in the database instead of making manual changes in the web page itself. The web page will dynamically reflect the change.

Areas where our custom developed databases are used:
  • Online Appointments and Scheduling
  • Managing user profiles
  • CRM applications
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Calendar Applications
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing and Billing System
  • Online shopping catalogs
  • Message Boards or Forums
  • Search Engines
  • E-commerce stock inventory
  • Mailing list subscriptions
  • Employee databases
  • Career & Recruitment sections

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