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Custom E-Commerce Solutions (B2B and B2C)
Get an online store and watch profits soar

Looking for a custom e-commerce solution that can rake in profits online?
A virtual storefront enabled with our custom e-commerce solutions can prove every bit as profitable as any physical store.

Our custom e-commerce solutions are intended to get your online store up and running in no time at all. Our e-com sites maximize your profits on 3 counts:

  • We create a virtual store for you, so there are no overhead costs of leasing a place, paying staff salaries or keeping inventory.
  •  You spend less time managing your enterprise since the software itself does much of the work like keeping track of orders, managing inventory, maintaining databases and managing online payments.
  • Our custom e-commerce solution is a modular one. According to your needs, we can integrate services offered by merchant account providers, digital certificate and shipping service providers quite easily thus adding to your efficiency.

Whether you need a simple shopping cart or a full fledged online shopping mall with different suppliers, we can provide you an e-com solution that is just right.

Our custom e-commerce solutions are basically of 2 types:
  • B2B (Business to Business) Solutions
  • B2C (Business to Consumer) Solutions

B2B Solutions (Business to Business)
If you partner with other companies to create value for their clients or provide services and products over the Internet to these companies, a robust B2B solution can make all the difference to your bottom line. Our customized B2B solutions can handle purchase orders, wholesale pricing, client login, auction, inventory management, order fulfillment, catalog management, reporting, client specific pricing and much more. You can manage each of these modules quite easily through an online, extremely usable graphical interface.

B2C Solutions (Business to Consumer)
Our B2C (Business to Consumer) solutions allow you to sell your products directly to your customers without the presence of any middlemen. This raises profit margins for you while lowering prices for the consumer so everybody wins. You also develop a better understanding of your customers since the B2C solution lets you interact directly with them.

A robust B2C solution is the foundation of your online shopping business
Now that online shopping has become a way of life there is a need for strong B2C solutions that are secure, completely reliable and give you the flexibility to add on more modules whenever required.

Some features of our B2C solutions:
  • The B2C solution can create and manage orders online
  • Track orders from entry to delivery
  • Browse customer specific product catalog
  • View customer specific pricing & availability
  • Store customer information online
  • Maintain Bill To and Ship To information online
  • Increase customer service functionality
  • Works in co-ordination with your other business software
  • B2C solution can be easily modified without programming
  • Supports product catalogs and images
  • The B2C solution is scalable if you need to ramp up or add modules
  • Easily maintained, easy-to-use interface for Admin included
  • Extremely affordable and secure business to consumer solutions

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