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Online Reputation Management - Overview
Your online reputation can make or break your business

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The explosive growth of the “blogosphere” and other social media allow anyone with a Net connection to defame or assault your or your company. Personal enemies can post lies, slander, smears or rumors. Disgruntled employees can submit slanted or false news items. Competitors can “review” your products anonymously. Worst of all, the associated pages may get top rankings in the search engines, tarnishing a reputation that took years to build.

Any web user who has a grudge, or who wishes to take you down for commercial reasons, can exploit the growing number of social media sites—from blogs and forums to YouTube and MySpace. Groups of users can start their own sites to trash you, or coordinate a negative blog campaign. They can post false or slanted news articles and run slanderous email campaigns. Companies like Dell®, Google®, Microsoft®, and Wal-Mart®, and hundreds of others, have fell prey to defamatory attacks. Experts suggest that the situation will worsen as technology offers new methods.

A company’s reputation can be sullied by a variety of events:

  • Personal grudges
  • Dissolution of partnerships or contracts
  • Product recalls
  • Changes or instability in work life
  • Threats to employee welfare
  • Legal Actions
  • Work Strikes
  • Industrial Disasters

The solution
Netsmartz has helped companies overcome defamatory attacks in a focused and effective manner with our Online Reputation Management Program.

The key steps: analysis, measurement, and intervention.

We track everything that is written about your company and keep tabs on new content as it surfaces. We document the sources of your problem, analyze the results, and use this data to draft a specific plan of attack.

We take both reactive and preventative measures. This means posting defenses to attacks if these are appropriate, and working proactively to enlarge a company’s positive “footprint.” In combination, these approaches assure our clients that that fresh content will displace negative postings.

We engage our highly tested search engine optimization technology. We see to it that every piece of online communication is optimized for the right keywords. We focus tightly on keywords that bring up negative listings in the search engines. And we apply these techniques to blog postings and any other content that we manage on your behalf.

We monitor Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, and RSS feed subscriptions. We study search results in Technorati, Feedster, Yahoo & Google News, and BlogPulse, and we monitor social media through tags in sites like tagbulb.com and tagfetch.com. As the data informs us, we refine our campaign.

Legal Measures
We operate in association with a top defamation law firm. This gives us dedicated legal counsel to address any violation of copyright, trademark, business name, as well as libel. We can invoke a cease and desist order or a technical legal action to force the removal of negative content directly.

Our Guarantee
When you work with Netsmartz, you leverage our own reputation for extraordinary technical performance. We will not give up until your reputation is both sound and protected against future attacks.

Call us or email us at sales@netsmartz.net

Interested in our Online Reputation Management Services? Request a Quote

Click here for case study : Case Study

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