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About LearnSmartz Course Builder
Reduce development time and productions costs with the Course Builder

The LearnSmartz Course Builder is a software we have built that actually jumpstarts the development of your e-learning projects by using a revolutionary system of e-learning content assimilation and deployment.

The LearnSmartz Course Builder is especially useful if you have your own instructional designers or ready e-learning content.

In these cases, we encourage you to use our LearnSmartz Content Builder to send your content to us. We have discovered it reduces development time by at least 40% and dramatically lowers your production costs too. Your ID people can select from attractive pre-made templates and simply key in the text on relevant screens. They can even specify the images they want if they so require. They can also select template styles for question and answer sections. With all this selecting and previewing, you and your ID staff have a pretty idea of what you will get and this reduces the number of iterations and revisions in the overall project, slashing both development time and costs.

A product that answers a need
The LearnSmartz Course Builder actually evolved as a product that answered a genuine need. In the past we have partnered with e-learning clients who needed work yesterday. While multiple revisions are always part of any course development it was tacking onto the development time. LearnSmartz was created from the need to create a high volume of courses while maintaining consistency and quality. At Netsmartz, we actually worked with one of our partners to design and construct a system that would facilitate development, feedback, and sign-off on courses and modules. As a result, we not only created a product, but also a process that facilitated the creation and deployment of e-learning courses. We have used LearnSmartz Course Builder to create and deploy hundreds of courses since its creation.

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