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Online Reputation Management - Program
How our Online Reputation Management Program works

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Netsmartz is the world’s largest search engine marketing company. We have spent years developing and refining our online search engine marketing tactics. With over 150 search engine service staff and our own dedicated legal counsel, we are able to implement a Online Reputation Management campaign rapidly and aggressively.
How quickly will you see results?
Using the methods outlined above, we have been able to see results within a single day—in “real time.” However, a good Online Reputation Management campaign unfolds systematically and continues to achieve “penetration” over the coming months

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How does the Netsmartz Online Reputation Management Program work?
When it comes to Online Reputation Management, Netsmartz follows a 3 pronged approach:

1.  Analysis
We do a rapid, in-depth study to determine where, when, and how negative postings about you or your company have been made.
Who owns, manages, or has access to the sites or pages where the offensive listings reside?
What is the extent of the damage?
What “keywords” or search phrases bring up offensive listings?
What kind of sites are involved: blogs, journals, news sites, forums, permanent or ad-hoc sites, etc.?
Are the postings associated with competitive (deeply entrenched) or with transitional keywords (those that can be quickly overcome with corrective actions)?
Who are the individuals responsible for the damage?
Strategic Planning
What are the best counter-measures — including legal strategies — as well as online action?

2.  Strategic planning
We rapidly assemble a team and develop an action plan that is perfectly fitted to the analysis. We present the plan to you and get sign-off. Then we go into action.

3.  Action
We begin to implement counter-measures that include, but are not limited to:
  • Netsmartz works in partnership with qualified legal specialists to address any violation of copyright, trademark, business name, or other offense to our client. A qualified law firm can issue a cease-and-desist order or take other legal action to force the removal of negative content directly.
  • Identifying “positive” web pages, blogs, forums, articles, or pages that we control, that can be quickly elevated in the search engine rankings using optimization strategies. These pages blanket and replace negative listings.
  • Posting hundreds of positive articles, blog, journal and forum entries, news items, press releases and other pages on a steady, on-going basis. These postings offer positive reflections on your reputation — but more importantly, they replace negative postings by taking the top positions on the sites in which they appear.
  • Creating new, positive content on your site and on sites that we control, then optimizing this content so that it rises quickly to the top search engine rankings. Netsmartz owns hundreds of sites used for this purpose.
  • Buying new domains with important, relevant keywords in the URLs, and optimizing these sites.
  • Continuous reporting, review, and revision of strategy based on concrete web metrics.

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Click here for case study : Case Study

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